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Caliber is a leading vertically integrated asset management firm whose primary goal is to enhance the wealth of investors seeking to make investments in middle-market assets. We strive to build wealth for our investor clients by creating, managing, and servicing proprietary products, including middle-market investment funds, private syndications, and direct investments. Our funds include investment vehicles focused primarily on real estate, private equity, and debt facilities. We market our services through direct sales to private investors, wholesaling to investment advisers, direct sales to family offices and institutions, and through in-house client services. Caliber’s middle-market specialty allows the Company to compete with agility and speed in an evolving arena of alternative investments.

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Caliber Companies Our Full-Service Cycle

  • Caliber Funds

    Investors gain access to real estate investments via our sales team.

  • Acquisitions

    In-house acquisitions team buying the right real-estate.

    Asset Management

    Ensures every element of a project occurs according to plan and adjusts as needed.

    Sale, Refinance
    and Re-Invest

    Evaluates projects, plans, and forecasted budgets to determine the optimum time to harvest gains and take advantage of new market opportunities.

  • Development

    Experienced development team creates the right plan for each project.


    In-house Construction Management reduces mistakes, down time & change orders.

Executive Leadership Team


Chris Loeffler

Chris’s main responsibilities as CEO include overseeing all acquisitions, managing investment funds and building strategic partnerships.


Jennifer Schrader

Jennifer is in charge of daily operations at Caliber and provides hands-on direction for all new construction and redevelopment projects across the company’s portfolio.


Jade Leung

As CFO, Jade oversees corporate financial planning, reporting, operational optimization, and risk management across Caliber’s business units.


Roy Bade

Roy is responsible for sourcing and analyzing potential properties for the company, seeking ways to maximize returns on existing properties, and managing construction and development activity.


John Hartman

John’s responsibilities include managing all funds, private syndications, and public products. Additionally, he oversees real estate portfolios and develops securities to fund Caliber’s acquisitions.


George Pace

George oversees the Wealth Development team including Private Client and Institutional sales teams, Investor Relations, and Compliance

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Why

Caliber grows the wealth of good people to create a better world.

Vision: Building Generational Wealth

The Business Model:

We create strategic investments that build generational wealth for our investors, communities, and team. We are an alternative asset manager with strategies in real estate and credit, differentiated by our vertically integrated business model.

Our Values

We identified three key value sets that drive our team:

Authenticity & Transparency

Compassion & Service

Vision & Agility

Authenticity & Transparency

Real, open communication builds trust and drives fact-based decisions:

A great company culture is true to itself. Transparency creates trust, improves decision-making, and accelerates organizations, even when the news is bad. With good intel, we make better decisions.

Compassion & Service

A culture of empathy with action to serve puts our investors, communities, and team first:

It’s said that compassion is empathy with action to serve. Caliber takes care of its team and strives to benefit our communities. We hire mindfully to ensure team members bring the right culture.

Vision & Agility

A forward-looking, outcome-based mindset allows us to pivot in an ever-changing market:

Caliber was born in a distressed marketplace, always keeping one eye on the horizon with strategies for every economic climate, so we can pivot, get a jump on opportunities, and benefit, in any economy.

Caliber Commitment


Real growth and real opportunities

Service Partners

Partnership, beyond capital


Real relationships and a real return


Scaling for sustained growth


Real impact for real people

A Note from Caliber's Leadership

Jade Jennifer Chris and Roy at Alternative Access Founded in 2009 during one of the worst financial crises in history, Caliber was created to capture the proven benefits of real estate.

Our founding belief that everyone deserves access to a better alternative to the stock market has shaped Caliber into the leading firm it is today. When you partner with Caliber, you gain access - access to our team of industry experts working diligently to deliver your investment returns, access to the knowledge you need to make an educated and empowered investment decision, and access to a fund manager that is grounded in transparency and committed to maintaining lines of communication that often get lost with other institutions.

This mission has shaped our company and caused Caliber to be recognized as pioneers in our sector. Each day we continue to level the playing field, shaking up an industry in dire need of change, because we believe our clients, families, and friends, deserve the best.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your investment partner. We look forward to the opportunity to live up to our name as The Wealth Development Company by growing and securing your wealth.


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Board of Directors


Bill Gerber

Most recently, Bill was the Chief Financial Officer for TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation and served as a member of the CNBC CFO Council.


Michael Trzupek

Along with his position at Caliber, Michael currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Imagination Technologies, a semiconductor IP solutions company.


Dan Hansen

Most recently, Dan served as the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Summit Hotel Properties, Inc. (NYSE:INN).


Lawrence X. Taylor

Along with his position at Caliber, Lawrence leads Taylor Strategy Group, LLC as President, specializing in strategy, negotiations, corporate finance and more.

Strategic Leadership Team

  • Lisa Pudewell Headshot

    Lisa Pudewell
    Vice President of Asset Management

  • Michael Rosales Headshot

    Michael Rosales
    Corporate Controller

  • Coulson Painter Headshot

    Coulson Painter
    Vice President & Corporate Controller REIT Division

  • Brandy Stone Headshot

    Brandy Stone
    Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

  • Bill Taysom Headhshot

    Bill Taysom
    Vice President of Marketing

  • Curtis Christensen Headshot

    Curtis Christensen
    Chief Compliance Officer

  • Howard Hill Headshot

    Howard Hill
    SVP, Corporate Development


    Elaine Beeson
    Director of Investments

  • Sara_Headshot

    Sara Grisham
    Vice President of Financial Reporting

  • Wren_Headshot

    Wren Martin
    Vice President of Construction Management

Business Growth Team

  • Greg Talcott, Senior Vice President, Private Client, at Caliber

    Greg Talcott
    Managing Director of Sales

  • Brion Crum Headshot

    Brion Crum
    VP of Wealth Development

  • Ted Aust Headshot

    Ted Aust
    VP of Wealth Development

  • Conor Donohue Headshot

    Conor Donohue
    VP of Wealth Development

  • Rob Muench Headshot

    Robert Muench
    VP of Wealth Development

  • Dimitri_Headshots

    Dimitri Uhlik
    VP of Wealth Development

  • MattJ_Headshots

    Mathew Jameson
    VP of Capital Markets - East

Investor Services Team

  • Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson
    Sr. Investor Services Representative

  • Mandy Aranyos Headshot

    Mandy Aranyos
    Sr. Investor Services Representative

  • mikayla headshot

    Mikayla Guerrero
    Investor Services Representative

  • Joshua Snow Headshot

    Joshua Snow
    Investor Services Representative

  • Natascha_Headshot

    Natascha Anderson
    Investor Services Representative

Caliber's Founding Story

Starting with a single investor and entrepreneurial founders, Caliber's story is rooted in a set of investment principles that are now the foundation of the company.  These principles were created naturally during our first formal year of operations, raising $18 million from investor-partners and buying, renovating, and selling over 150 single-family homes.

It was 2009, at the trustee sale auctions where we learned some important lessons:


  1.  Income from real estate creates value, not paper appraisals.
  2. Investors' interests must be aligned with management—investors profit first.
  3. The old way of investing was not working. A new alternative was needed.
  4. Hard work and complexity in real estate translates to great deals when we execute well.
  5. Buy below market, always.

Through an incredibly fast-paced first year, Chris Loeffler, Jennifer Schrader, and Donnie Schrader, Caliber's founders, worked tirelessly with our early team members to incubate the opportunistic business model we began with and transform it into a platform designed to last for generations.

We saw the future—investors had lost faith in traditional stocks, bonds, and insurance products, and they had found an exciting alternative in private real estate investments.  The problem was access—only a select few accredited investors who were insiders in the private investment world knew about this form of investing and very few companies existed to service them.

We saw a market opportunity to take advantage of new laws allowing for wider dissemination of knowledge surrounding private investment to build a community of educated, empowered, and grateful Caliber investors.

Caliber wanted to be there for investors to help them take whatever portion of their portfolio they wanted to hold in real estate and have opportunities that fit their needs at that moment in their life, and throughout their lives.

And we wanted our investors to know that we were ready for change. We watched from 2009 – 2011, as the market dramatically changed each month and we learned how to change our business model to take advantage of each new market opportunity.  That adaptability is a strength and a competitive edge in today's world and is a permanent component of Caliber's culture.

Jennifer and Donnie's stories are inexorably tied together. As a couple in Detroit, Michigan, they worked together to develop their real estate skillset. With Donnie seeking out investment opportunities in residential real estate and managing renovations and Jennifer completing the acquisitions, sales, and design.  As a pair, the first eight years of their careers were spent learning real estate the hard way—and their experience turned into huge value, helping Caliber take advantage of the market opportunity in front of it.

Chris' story starts in a military family, living across the U.S. and across the world and learning how to adapt to many different environments. He was formally trained in business and accounting and started his professional career with PwC, learning how many great companies achieved their goals and operated their businesses. Driven by a personal interest in real estate investing, Chris left PwC to join Donnie and Jennifer and help structure the business that exists today.

Now 12 years in, Caliber's story continues. We often tell the marketplace that we don't have a five-year plan—we have a 100-year plan. Caliber's platform is rapidly growing toward $1 billion in assets under management and development. We have helped thousands of investors achieve their goals to grow their wealth and gain access to private real estate investments. We are now the largest opportunity zone investor in the Southwest region and, most importantly, we employ one of the best teams in the business.

Our founding story helps us stay grounded at Caliber. As we look forward to the future and achieving our vision of becoming the #1 place to invest in real estate in the Southwest, we will not forget the core principles that got us here or the early team members and investors who helped build the foundation.

By doing so, we ensure Caliber is here to help many generations of investors develop wealth, do good in their communities, and transform our country for the better.

As a Caliber shareholder and co-founder, Donnie played an integral role in forming a strong and lasting foundation for the company. He held the roles of co-managing partner, chief operating officer (COO), and chief development officer (CDO). Within these positions, Donnie oversaw acquisitions, distressed real estate management, development and construction.

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