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“Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon” – Peter Lynch


We seek to build a community of informed clients by creating methods you can connect in person, digitally or by telephone to simple, easy to digest, and valuable information on how Caliber is leading the way in helping qualified investors access quality alternatives. The world of investments has changed, will you change with it?


03oct12:00 pm1:00 pmCapital Markets CallFor Current Clients Only

09oct12:00 pm1:00 pmLunch With CaliberGet to know Caliber over lunch at our office

17oct5:30 pm7:30 pmCaliber Summit Series

18oct1:00 pm2:00 pmCEO CallFor Current Clients Only


13nov12:00 pm1:00 pmLunch With CaliberGet to know Caliber over lunch at our office

14nov5:00 pm8:00 pmCaliber Summit Series

15nov1:00 pm2:00 pmCEO CallFor Current Clients Only


11dec12:00 pm1:00 pmLunch With CaliberGet to know Caliber over lunch at our office

12dec5:00 pm7:30 pmCaliber Summit Series

20dec1:00 pm2:00 pmCEO CallFor Current Clients Only

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Q: Why do you do events?
A: Live events and web events give our clients a chance to connect, provide an opportunity for Caliber’s leadership to speak to many customers at once, and, most importantly, ensure that our investors feel empowered, educated and connected to their investments.

Q: What will I learn at Caliber Events?
A: We strive to ensure that you will grow your knowledge and comfort with many topics surrounding alternative and real estate investing. We’re in the business of providing great knowledge, not wasting time.

Q: What kinds of events does Caliber put on?
A: We host a variety of events ranging from small, intimate dinners to large, educational seminars. Most of our events occur monthly, but each is a unique experience. We strive to put on casual, informative and fun events that allow you to grow your knowledge and wealth!

Q: How much is it to attend these events?
A: Most of our events are free of charge! We want to give back to our clients by providing education, entertainment and value through both live and web events. Prices will always be listed in event details.

Q: Who attends Caliber’s events?
A: We host events for both prospects and current clients. Our events are always planned by putting our clients’ needs and interests first. While we encourage you to attend our events, many of our events are open to clients only.

Not a current client? That’s okay! Events held for individuals new to Caliber, such as our Lunch with Caliber, are a great introduction to Caliber and our team, and help give interested parties the opportunity to learn more about what we do.

Q: How can I receive email invitations to these events?
A: If you would like to start receiving emails about upcoming events and other Caliber related news and topics, contact us today!

Contact us to book your attendance to our next event.

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Caliber events are often filled to maximum capacity before the day of the event. We seek to keep our events to an appropriate size to ensure you have ample time to interact with the other attendees as well as the Caliber team. Because of this, we request you book ahead if you plan to attend a specific live event, web event, or call.