Social Impacts from
Caliber’s Opportunity Zone Fund

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Caliber seeks to provide dual-pronged benefits through its Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone Fund.

We strive to create attractive growth on invested capital to maximize the unique tax advantages available for our investors while deploying the funds raised to marginalized U.S.communities in need of economic and societal revitalization.

Caliber’s Opportunity Zone Fund process follows a middle-market geographic strategy that focuses on understanding the socio-economic and economic needs of the underserved communities we are investing in and/or building or re-developing. These projects offer impactful returns and provide diverse, intentional and measurable community outcomes.

Caliber’s existing Opportunity Zone Fund currently comprises four assets, each attributing its own impact to its respective communities. They include:

  • Phoenix Behavioral Health
  • Downtown Mesa Portfolio  
  • Roosevelt Townhomes 
  • Tucson Convention Center DoubleTree Hotel
  • Pima Center - Rancho Solano K-5 Preparatory School  
Impact Report

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Read about Caliber’s social and community impact, alongside ROI, when making investment decisions for its Opportunity Zone Fund assets.

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A Precursor to our Future ESG Strategy

Caliber seeks to invest in projects that generate tangible impacts, positively affecting our Environment, Society, and how we Govern. We believe our investments can bolster the human experience through boosted transparency surrounding our community engagement and investment stewardship.

Our Opportunity Zone Fund assets are already creating a positive impact:

  • Creating new jobs and spurring economic growth
  • Developing and expanding schools that foster educational opportunities 
  • Providing state-of-the-art water, sewer, recycling and energy generation technologies
  • Building for innovation in industry, specifically in technology-related fields
  • Advocating for equal opportunities and more

Caliber utilizes its Opportunity Zone Fund structure as a template to build off of, so we can continue to push forward, affecting positive change to the communities and investors we serve through transparent stewardship.

In support of the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDG’s) and their United Cities global effort, Caliber has partnered with United Cities North America to develop and invest in mixed-use, smart city projects throughout the US.

UCNA selected Scottsdale to open its North American headquarters which will include UCNA’s Innovation Hub to help foster connections between, and among companies, entrepreneurs, capital, partners, local government, academia and other stakeholders.

The goal is to build a robust, economically viable ecosystem for the community, the region, and the world.

UCNA offers an open ecosystem, open. architecture model so it seeks like-minded partners, with high capability, high character and high integrity. UCNA’s 25-acre site and headquarters will map and assess cities all over North America that could be potential partners in this initiative.

The data harvested will help economic developers and city planners solve common metropolitan problems including managing CO2 emissions, evaluating traffic problems and measuring the electricity usage and efficiency of city buildings making up these communities.

Using the latest strategies and implementing technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, UCNA’s facility will help cities utilize their data to help them improve sustainability and solve climate-era problems to meet the 2030 goals, like SDG 11 for example which aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Caliber will be the master developer for the UCNA headquarters. This role includes research, site selection and compiling the development team to execute the project. The location on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community near Scottsdale, Arizona is a perfect metaphor to drive sustainable progress to underserved areas.

This partnership allows Caliber and United Cities North America to build developments that specifically address the following 8 SDGs:

Establish corporate alliances with organizations like Delos, who provide wellness solutions and products for wellness-focused office space.

Provide for green energy generation that preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

Develop and expand educational facilities that will ultimately generate and attract educated, skilled labor.

Create economic growth by enhancing communities that will generate new jobs and attract skilled labor.

Provide for equal opportunity and, potentially, make advancements for women’s sports.

Provide for innovation in industry, specifically property technology (proptech), Internet of Things (IOT), 3D printing, and virtual mapping.

Provide for state-of-the-art water, sewer, and recycling practices that preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

Be a market leader that inspires future developers to build sustainable communities and redefine ground-up development practices.