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Millions of Americans have created long-term wealth and income by investing in single family rental properties. Most start out by purchasing a single home, then grow their portfolio over many years. It is a proven strategy to build and secure wealth. However, investors find themselves with an ever-increasing burden of management as their portfolio grows. Our solution? Build a portfolio, without building a portfolio with the Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP.

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The Fund structure allows investors to passively experience the potential benefits of owning single family rental homes without the time commitment or steep learning curve.

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Invest in a Fund that limits the amount of debt it can take-on to no more than 50% of the value of the Fund assets by the end of year three.

Income Potential

Considering 50% leverage at favorable terms, the Fund strives to produce income that will allow for monthly distributions at attractive levels. There is no guarantee the fund will make distributions.

Fund Flexibility

With the option to redeem your investment (after 18 months of investment, at GP discretion and subject to available cash) within 6 months of request, we’ve matched the experience of exiting the Fund to the experience of selling an investment home you own.


Through the Fund, an individual investor can own in multiple markets, pursue multiple investment strategies, and utilize sophisticated techniques which are typically reserved for institutional investors.

Caliber Residential Advantage Fund, LP Investment Details


equity offering


minimum investment


Split of available cash flow for distribution


Featured Properties

Phoenix, Arizona

Acquisition Cost: $118,000

Monthly Rent: $1,125

Estimated Value: $120,000

Cap Rate: 7.55%

Phoenix, Arizona

Acquisition Cost: $204,385

Monthly Rent: $1,595

Estimated Value: $220,000

Cap Rate: 6.56%

Glendale, Arizona

Acquisition Cost: $98,500

Monthly Rent: $950

Estimated Value: $100,000

Cap Rate: 7.15%


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Build your portfolio, without building a portfolio.

The idea is simple. When you invest, you’re putting our highly knowledgeable and experienced team to work for you. The Fund strives to build a structure for residential investing that pursues the best opportunities that exist through all market cycles to buy, rent, flip, or build homes in attractive, growth-oriented markets. In doing so, the Fund provides individual investors access to the residential real estate investment marketplace and potentially attractive risk-adjusted returns without the hassle of direct management.

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